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The Woman's Photographer

I was born in the South Bay, and have been lucky to live in LA County all my life. 

In 2018 I gave birth to my son in my home, and the experience radically changed my view of myself, my body, and the way women and mothers are viewed and treated in mainstream US society.  Though my body and skin has changed in ways initially I had to mourn, I now feel a deep sense of power, freedom, beauty, and sexuality that I couldn't access in earlier years. 


I owe a great debt to the women who have shown me the beauty and strength of pregnancy, birth and postpartum, who helped me wipe the dust from my eyes and embrace what I knew deep in my soul to be true.

Taking boudoir self portraits postpartum has been incredibly freeing.  As I mentioned, the transition into motherhood was challenging, including the irrevocable physical transformation that takes place.  These photos are not just about embracing my body.  They are a celebration and honoring of my whole self, and my clients will attest the same.  Every woman deserves that, and I want every woman to have that.​